About Us

We’re here to support patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers throughout Coachella Valley, Riverside, San Bernardino, surrounding areas, and nationwide virtually.

*Note that most offered services can be alternatively provided via phone call or virtually.

Meet Tammy Porter,

Founder Of MyHealth.MyAdvocate

I can help you now! I am a certified  professional in health care quality with over 30 years of nursing and leadership experiences built upon the honor to serve my patients and employers. Early in my career, as a hospital case manager, I began to see the challenges patients and families experienced with healthcare decision-making, lack of understanding with the healthcare system, insurance coverage issues and access to services. Likewise, healthcare organizations experience denials of patient visits, charges or bills. I’ve also worked in Patient Financial Services/Charge Integrity where I addressed documentation, coding, charging and accurate billing for health services and supported patient complaints when those bills were inaccurate.

I started this nurse patient advocacy business in Coachella Valley after four years of witnessing the healthcare challenges close friends, neighbors, and complete strangers continue to experience without any help in understanding the complexity of processes in hospitals, treatments, decision-making in health crises, billing, and the list goes on! In addition, I have witnessed the frustration in our doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers when all they want to do is care for their patients – you.

MyHealth.MyAdvocate is intended to relieve the stress associated with healthcare for both patients and caregivers, as well as physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers. As a trusted partner in yours or your loved one’s care, we support you through your current crises so medical teams can focus on your health and wellness.


Providing You With SWEET Care






Our Mission

At MyHealth.MyAdvocate it’s our mission to provide professional guidance with healthcare processes during transitions of care to ensure quality treatment and accurate billing.


“A heart at peace gives life to the body…”

– Proverbs 14:30

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