Do you have a family member or loved one in a nursing home or skilled nursing facility, also known as a nursing care center? 

Is the facility accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC)?  Nursing homes with Joint Commission accreditation have a history of better performance than those centers without accreditation.  Each year, TJC publishes National Patient Safety Goals that the care centers are to be in compliance with, and the 2022 goals are listed here.

Like most providers of healthcare services, nursing care centers intend to provide the best care to residents and patients alike.  However, sometimes a loved one or family member is on one side of the country and you are on the other.  Or maybe you are local but unaware of safety and care issues that may be present.  Visits have been restricted or limited due to COVID-19, but that restriction is being lifted. 

At MyHealth.MyAdvocate, we offer ombudsman services for regular, ongoing visits to assure your family member/loved one is receiving quality care.  While The Joint Commission sets the Standards, who do you have making visits to assure the Standards are being followed?

Contact us for a free phone consultation to discuss your family’s need.


The Joint Commission, 2021.

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